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Carney Vaughan

you awake?


Carney Vaughan is only six months older than Sydney’s Harbour Bridge but has needed a few more coats of paint. He started his working life as a draughtsman but switched to the electrical trades which seemed more interesting. As an electrical contractor involved in furnace and boiler technology he has worked in several foreign countries. He has two children and three feisty grandchildren who give him some stick. And he loves it. He and wife, Bev (she with the patience of a saint), now live in quiet retirement in Thirroul, a beautiful village type town on the coast south of Sydney. If life has provided him with only one lesson he says, “Humanism sits more comfortably than all other philosophies, try it, give it a chance, it is so rewarding.”

Neridah TP

Neridah Tyler-Perry

Writing has always been an enjoyable part of my life.

This year I am focused on completing a book based on the migration of women from London in the mid nineteenth century. My research has included primary sources held in the Mitchell Library, contemporary newspapers, reports and letters held in both London and Australian libraries. Many well-known people were involved in giving these women the chance of a new life in a new land. It has been an interesting, long journey. I thought it would be a short project. I was wrong.

Mary Healy

Mary Healy


Shirley Galloway

chestnuts roasting

Tomorrow is the Future

Shirley Galloway (nee Smith) was born in Wakefield, Yorkshire, England, and migrated with her husband Ian, as newlyweds to Sydney. She was nicknamed ‘the bookworm’ being an avid reader at school, when her dream those days was to write stories. She has tried many things since, “Jack of all trades – master of none!” Loved music, started playing piano at 7, was a ‘has been’ at 10. Commenced work at 15 doing shorthand/typing, varied secretarial duties. Started cooking at 17, followed by dressmaking, drawing, and oil painting. Back to piano, then saxophone, musical soirees, ballroom dancing, new vogue etc. Dearly loves her family so now writing her memoirs for them, plus other stories. She warmly invites you to share your stories.


Kevin Murphy

no satisfaction


2007resolution draft

At 15 Kev Murphy asked his Dad “what makes things tick?”  He was to fill in the answers himself while dealing with life.

Kev’s timely mingling with stars of stage and screen, his cameo appearances with them, radio serial production plus his desire for screenplay writing, pointed him in the ‘write’ direction with the ‘right’ people.

Yet others published his yarns and articles.  He concedes nothing much made the bookcase or VCR that he could call his own work in his own name since 1994.

Kev hopes his coming memoir “Lollyboy of Broadway” will excise where it all went ‘wrong’.

Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer


Sarah Dorofaeff

I Keep my Depression

Madeleine    tellMeaStory

Madeleine Pizzuti

I was born in Wisbech, the capital of the Fens, (which is an area on the east coast of England). As a child I loved to write and I had planned to study journalism when I left school. However, at the age of eighteen I emigrated to Australia and started work as a secretary, but my love for writing has never waned. I have written songs, poems, articles, speeches and short stories, and now – my first book – ‘TELL ME A STORY’.   Inspiration for the book came from my three sons. When they were young I would tuck them up in bed, say their prayers with them and then ask them if they would like a story from a book, or one of mum’s stories. When they asked for one of my stories, I would then proceed to tell them of the things I did as a child growing up in England. ‘TELL ME A STORY’ is a selection of short stories based on my childhood memories growing up in the Fens, and is available either through Amazon or through the publisher Troubador Publishing of the UK – http://www.troubador.co.uk/book_info.asp?bookid=3559 or through contacting me on 0410642383.

I will never forget the feeling of sheer joy and delight when, as a child, I would exit the main doors of my local county library with a bundle of borrowed books tucked under my arm. It was as if I had conquered the world; knew all there was to know; and was now on my way….. .to where? Well I wasn’t quite sure, but for now it was home. I would make my way through the streets packed with Saturday shoppers towards the bus station, and after alighting the correct bus, make myself as comfortable as possible on the tattered and worn vinyl seat.   I was then ready to eagerly begin examining my bundles of joy. Firstly, glancing at the inside front cover I would check the borrowing pocket where a card was neatly inserted having been stamped with the returning date of the book. Then I would finger the first few pages, taking in an odd word or phrase as I gently turned each page. Finally my hands would glide over the plastic film, sometimes a little worse for wear, that encased each book.   It seemed to me at that young age, that every pleasure there was to experience had been packaged and was contained within the pages of each book. It was there, amidst the noisy rattle and clatter of the bus; the muffled chatter of the village women and the scratchy damaged vinyl against my legs, that my love affair with the written word began.


Amelita Cabigao

Amelita Cabigao

there’s always tomorrow

Amelita always loved dancing from an early age. She was a teacher and a community worker who finished 2 University degrees. For 11 years she worked as a nurse. So Amelita worked different jobs at different times,…but there is something that Amelita like doing ….she love to write things or to describe things so vividly. In her reports at work, she writes about clients and what happened that day. or in communicating with friends she love to communicate with them either through the internet and through writing . Since she stopped work last year she was looking for something that she wants besides going to the gym many times a week, doing Zumba and Pilates, swimming in Revesby Pool . she saw the sign in the Writers group and she thought she will try . She has been with Revesby Writers group for many months now and is really enjoying it. Writing is the thing she wants to do besides the active things she does. The members are friendly and the atmosphere makes you write something interesting,,.🌹💖

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Ross McLachlan

Alice in Wonderland

For many years Ross held the position of Historian at Australia Post. Apart from managing large archival and artefact collections, Ross wrote brief histories to mark the centenary of post offices, contributed several articles with a heritage theme to the staff magazine, and researched items for Australian Geographic. After leaving Australia Post, he completed a PhD thesis. Entitled, A Marriage of Convenience, the dissertation dealt with female employees of the postal and telegraph services in New South Wales from 1838 to 1938.

Now semi retired, Ross works as a casual tutor and explores “the poetry in prose” in his spare time.


Simon Kaddissi


predawn ii

red button

dream maker

Simon Kaddissi is an eternal optimist who believes in the power of the human spirit to overcome all difficulties. Combined with a practical, scientific approach to life, he grapples with the problems faced by people everyday. Currently he is finding his voice in writing, aiming to entertain and explore wisdom with his readers. Simon remembers a life without computers but is glad they are here. Clueless about love but blessed with many good friends.